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  • 3/4 inch Clear Crush rock
    $154.95 More Info 3/4" Clear Crush
    3/4" Clear crush A good gravel choice for pathways or walkways around the garden, provides good drainage.  Why is it called Clear Crush? “Clear” refers to the absence of a binding agent (no sharp sand)...

  • Pea Gravel, 5mm
    $169.95 More Info Pea Gravel/Birdseye
    5mm Pea Gravel consists of small stones about the size of a Pea hence the name "Pea Gravel" or sometimes referred to as Birds Eye gravel. Pea Gravel is a great choice when you prefer an informal walkway or as an accent to...

  • Crusher Dust scale photo
    $169.95 More Info Crusher Dust
    Crusher Dust can be used for various compacting and stabilizing jobs around the home, such as under concrete slabs, driveways, walkways or paths, water tanks, filling trenches, and ground cover applications.   Made from...

  • 20mm Limestone Base
    $169.95 More Info Limestone base
    (20mm) Limestone Base can be used for various compacting and stabilizing jobs around the home, such as driveways, walkways or paths, trails, garden landscape applications, and ground cover applications.   Produced from...

  • Road Base
    $169.95 More Info Road Base
    Road Base is used as the final lift in road construction before paving. A blend of rock and sand this material can be used in wide range of applications including under concrete slab preparation. Save $20 on each...

  • Navy Jack
    $169.95 More Info Navvy Jack
    Navvy Jack is designed to be paired with cement when mixing concrete.  Ideal for hand mixing concrete and much cheaper than purchasing bags of pre-concrete mix!  Navvy Jack is a perfect mixture of...

  • River Rock 1-2" and 2-6" sizes available
    $169.95 More Info River Rock
    We sell two sizes of River Rock. 1inch, 1-2 inch and 2-6 inch round River Rock. Nice smooth round colorful stones perfect for groundcover, dry river bed look, or along fences and buildings to reduce rain splatter. Choose...