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  • Botanical Blend, organic composted soil.
    $154.95 More Info Botanical Blend Soil
    Perfect for veggie or garden beds our Botanical Blend soil is simply the best available. Our well aged compost based top soil is full of beneficial microbes that are essential for plant growth.  Meets or exceeds...

  • Turf blend soil. 50% soil and 50% sand
    $154.95 More Info Turf Blend soil
    Turf Blend is a compost-based soil blend. Turf Blend consists of approximately 50% compost (Soil Amender) screened through a 3/8” screen and approximately 50% washed river sand. Compost portion produced at temperatures...

  • Organic Veggie Mix
    $169.95 More Info Organic Veggie Mix
    Organic Veggie Mix is the most premium growing medium soil. A manure based blend consisting of well rotted mushroom manure, horse and turkey manures, compost and sand. Rich in organic matter this soil is suitable for...

  • Soil Amender
    $180.00 More Info Soil Amender
    This highly nutrient rich compost can be used on its own as a mulch topping to add that desirable top dressed appearance to planting beds, or ideally as a boost to increase the organics of poorer quality depleted native...

  • Mushroom Manure
    $150.95 More Info Mushroom Manure
    Mushroom Manure is the residual compost waste generated by the mushroom production industry. Its formulation generally consists of a combination of wheat straw and the mushroom medium composted together. It's normally used...

  • Hemlock - Fir Bark Mulch,
    $154.95 More Info Bark Mulch
    Traditional Douglas Fir reddish coloured Bark Mulch used for topdressing landscape planter beds or in and around shrubs. Really nice well composted small mulch, easy to spread and not chunky (1" minus in size). Weed...

  • Playground woodchips
    $189.95 More Info Playground woodchips
    Playground woodchips also known as Playground surfacing. Woodchips can be an extremely effective playground surfacing material, or impact-attenuation surface. When used as a Playground surfacing (soft fall, cushion fall...

  • Rock Salt in bags
    $169.95 More Info River Sand
    River sand is often used in a variety of applications such as, - Pre loads - Grass Playing Fields - Sub-grade fill - Top dressing sand for golf courses and lawns Save $20 on each additional bag purchased of...

  • Construction Sand
    $169.95 More Info Construction Sand
    Construction Sand also known as Sechelt sand or Coarse sand. Construction sand is really perfect under your concrete pavers project. Sechelt sand is free draining well graded compactable washed fill sand which is used in a...

  • 3/4 inch Clear Crush rock
    $154.95 More Info 3/4" Clear Crush
    3/4" Clear crush A good gravel choice for pathways or walkways around the garden, provides good drainage.  Why is it called Clear Crush? “Clear” refers to the absence of a binding agent (no sharp sand)...

  • Pea Gravel, 5mm
    $169.95 More Info Pea Gravel/Birdseye
    5mm Pea Gravel consists of small stones about the size of a Pea hence the name "Pea Gravel" or sometimes referred to as Birds Eye gravel. Pea Gravel is a great choice when you prefer an informal walkway or as an accent to...

  • Crusher Dust scale photo
    $169.95 More Info Crusher Dust
    Crusher Dust can be used for various compacting and stabilizing jobs around the home, such as under concrete slabs, driveways, walkways or paths, water tanks, filling trenches, and ground cover applications.   Made from...

  • 20mm Limestone Base
    $169.95 More Info Limestone base
    (20mm) Limestone Base can be used for various compacting and stabilizing jobs around the home, such as driveways, walkways or paths, trails, garden landscape applications, and ground cover applications.   Produced from...

  • Road Base
    $169.95 More Info Road Base
    Road Base is used as the final lift in road construction before paving. A blend of rock and sand this material can be used in wide range of applications including under concrete slab preparation. Save $20 on each...

  • Navy Jack
    $169.95 More Info Navvy Jack
    Navvy Jack is designed to be paired with cement when mixing concrete.  Ideal for hand mixing concrete and much cheaper than purchasing bags of pre-concrete mix!  Navvy Jack is a perfect mixture of...

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