1/2 Yard Bags

All material are now available in smaller half yard bags. Order the right amount so you don't have to deal with left over soil.
  • 1/2 yard bag of Botanical Blend Botanical Blend, Garden Mix, Top soil - MyGardenBag

    1/2 Yard Botanical Blend Soil

    Perfect for flowers or shrubs our Botanical Blend soil is simply the best available. Our well aged compost based top soil is full of beneficial microbes that are essential for plant growth.  Meets or exceeds BC Landscape Standards. ...
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  • 1/2  Yard Lawn Top Dress 1/2  Yard Lawn Top Dress

    1/2 Yard Lawn Top Dress

    Super fine compost and sand mix perfect for top dressing your lawn.   One "MyGardenBag" always equals 1/2 cubic yard (29" x 29" x 29" = 1/2 cubic yard)    Sample of materials available to see... Visit us at 12745 116 Avenue,...
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  • 1/2 yard bag of Turf mix MyGardenBag of Turf Mix

    1/2 Yard Turf Blend soil

    Turf Blend is a compost-based soil blend. Turf Blend consists of approximately 50% compost (Soil Amender) screened through a 3/8” screen and approximately 50% washed river sand. Compost portion produced at temperatures exceeding 55 C to...
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  • 1/2 yard bag of Soil Amender MyGardenBag of Soil Amender

    1/2 Yard Soil Amender

    Our Soil Amender is Normally screened extra fine , due to all rain we are unable to screen it that fine until further notice . It is the same dark rich soil amender with all the nutrients . This highly nutrient rich compost can be used on its own...
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  • 1/2 bag of Organic Veggie Mix MyGardenBag of Organic Veggie Mix

    1/2 yard Organic Veggie Mix

    Organic Veggie Mix is the most premium growing medium soil. A manure based blend consisting of well rotted mushroom manure, horse and turkey manures, compost and sand. Rich in organic matter this soil is suitable for vegetable gardens and planter...
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  • 1/2 yard bag of Mushroom Manure MyGardenBag Mushroom Manure

    1/2 Yard Mushroom Manure

    Mushroom Manure is the residual compost waste generated by the mushroom production industry. Its formulation generally consists of a combination of wheat straw and the mushroom medium composted together. It's normally used to improve the...
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