What our Customers are saying...

Marcus, Port Moody

"Going over the previously written reviews about the product Bark Mulch... I can only echo what has been said by Dean, Jason, and Marion (granted, a few years ago, but...). Time to give it a refresher and bring it up to 2015: It is still an outstanding product and great service. The last delivery happened at the end of the day, (close to 7 pm), which I found positive, as it gave me a full day, on the next day, to continue to work on my gardening project."

Shirley, Vancouver

"Topsoil Brings Fast Results.... I planted the 3rd of May and the 3 rows of peas are up 3 cm 10 days later. My beets were planted a bit later and are up too. I loved the forklift's ability to pull right up to the fence section which I removed so that the bag was dropped fully inside the property, right beside the vegetable garden and was intact from the street. This is the only way to go with soil delivery!"

Kowalski, West End Vancouver, Strata grounds manager

"I spread the Nutrify Soil/Mulch yesterday and just wanted to say what a terrific service you offer. Thanks again for the excellent service, and wishing you a very happy 2013!"

Steve Whysall, Author and Vancouver Sun Gardening Writer/Blogger

"What I like about having it delivered in a bag is that if it is raining the bag can be closed so the mulch does not get excessively wet and end up spilling or seeping everywhere. It is just a lot easier to handle and I can tackle the job as time allows. I used to have my mulch-soil amender delivered in a great pile dumped in the driveway, but now I love having it brought in by the Mygardenbag company"

Schueck, Burnaby

"Thank you! That was indeed very easy to order and it arrived so quickly!."

D Blais, Richmond

"I recently received my order of black Nutrify compost. Great service. The compost was top notch. Worked beautifully as a top dressing. Just wanted to send my compliments. Will use your service from now on."

F Heinzelmann, Vancouver

"Great way to order high quality soil in neat bags that can be left in front of your property or in the garage. The online ordering system works very well, e-mail communication is efficient and prompt. While I am not a soil expert, the soil product itself appears to be excellent - no scrap pieces, twigs, etc., just well sorted organic soil (in our case Botanical Blend and Nutrify). Returning the bags was easy at our local bag return depot - Overall a very efficient, neat service - highly recommendable."

M Pendrell, Downtown Vancouver Condo

"The garden looks amazing (Nutrify soil). We've had so many positive comments. Tons of people stopped to talk to us about those big yellow bags... I'm really impressed with the company. Thanks again, and we will most certainly be using your company again in the future, and recommending it to others."

M Burgess, North Vancouver

"I was very pleased with the soil booster that I chose (Nutrify soil). Thank you for the speedy delivery. My garden looks very happy! :)"

Graham R, Vancouver

"What a fantastic service! Gone are the days of hitting the mark with a dump truck load of dirt, then rushing to get the soil distributed before the rain comes. Gord, who was prompt in replying to order requests and emails, is a friendly and committed owner who not only has landed on a great business idea, but he clearly cares about his customers and has a lot of pride in the excellent product that he supplies. It was actually fun top dressing my lawn and garden this year. I will definitely be a repeat customer next spring and will likely order firewood for the winter as well."

B. Giles, North Vancouver

"Thanks for the great service and the quality of the soil looks superb. The delivery was right where it was supposed to go, so once again thanks again for the promptness of the delivery and for the quality service. We will be back."

Larry H, Vancouver

"I purchased a bag of Botanical blend soil on-line late Wednesday and had delivery early Saturday morning. The soil was exactly as described and ready to use in my garden. I found other similar services on-line but this local company's website is so comprehensive and provided all the details about their service which made me totally comfortable to order on-line. The packaging, the product, and the service are impressive. They get a two green thumbs up from me!"

P. Duff, Vancouver

"Thanks! Great to get the quick service again! (repeat customer Feb 2012)"

Louise, North Vancouver

"This soil (Botanical Blend) is so far removed from the rubbish produced by the local "usual suspects" that I can't decide whether to laugh or cry! It's a joy and delight to work with and has been really well screened: no stupid stones, huge bits of bark or infernal plastic. I'll definitely be back for more!"

H.Johnstone, North Vancouver

"The soil donation is hugely appreciated, Thanks, Edible Garden Project"

D.Smith, Vancouver (downtown condo)

"Excellent service and a fabulous quality product from this company. I ordered mulch and it was so good, I placed another order for more. "

V.Kalns, Vancouver

"We have used up all of our soil – very happy, and love your product and delivery process! What do we do with the bags now that we are done?" note: see bag return locations here

T.Gustafson, New Westminster

"Thanks for the delivery, We are very happy with the service! We'll be back :) "

Tysoe, North Vancouver

"I'd like to let you know that I thought the process of placing my order and receiving the product was excellent - I received my soil the next day. I really like the neatness of the bag and the fact that it can be closed until the next use. Thank you again."

E.Peelstreet, New Westminster

"I was thrilled with the delivery method of the garden soil as well as its quality. The garden bag was easy to use and close"

M.Brooks, Vancouver

”The soil is fabulous, I am really impressed with the quality and with the way it is bagged. Who cares if it rains, because it cannot be washed away”

G.Arntzen, Vancouver

"Those bags sure got a lot of attention in my neighborhood. I also thought you might like to know that because of complications... much of the dirt had to sit in the bags for many weeks... as in... it was delivered before the May long weekend, and I just finished using the last of it in mid July... it was still fabulous, light fluffy, no mold, no problems. The bag is the way to go! My tomatoes have never been so big and full of blossoms!"

L.Farrell, Vancouver

”Thank you, What great service! Now if it would just stop raining”

C.Selzler, Vancouver

”We needed a cubic yard of some soil delivered but we weren't looking forward to having a pickup dump a load of dirt in the back lane and be forced to start spreading it right away, rain or shine, lest it creates a mud pile. After spotting some huge bags at the curbs and in the lanes in the neighborhood, I looked up the URL on the bag and discovered that it was a company that delivers soil, sand and soil amendments in these bags at your convenience to exactly the spot where you want it. I went online and placed our order and received the cubic yard bag of Botanical blend soil the next business day. Even with all of the rain, the tarp-like material of the bag has kept the soil dry, and the ability to tie the bag shut has prevented it from being blown around or pilfered by cheapskate neighbours. The quality of the soil delivered is really good with less sticks and other stuff than you see in other commercial blends. This is the only way we are going to have our garden materials delivered here on in”

S.Jaffe, Richmond

"I recently used your service to have soil delivered in Richmond - me, my driveway and my garden all thank you wholeheartedly!"

B.Geddes, Vancouver

"Thank you for the prompt delivery. We have started using the soil today and it looks great!"

R.Mcnulty, Richmond

"Thanks again for the prompt delivery of my order of soil to Richmond BC. Loved the website. Ordering was very straight forward and the information & illustrations on the website helped with my decision to go with mygardenbag.com. Customer service has been awesome. My order arrived within 24 hours and were perfectly positioned where I asked to have them delivered. I found the soil (Botanical blend) to be of high quality. The bag system is wonderful and has kept the soil dry and the driveway clean, a great solution for the west coast where you don’t get more than 2 days without rain at this time of year. It was much easier to move dry dirt from the bag system a little bit at a time than it would have been to deal with the old-fashioned enormous pile of wet soil dumped on the driveway. The bags are deceiving in size (3x3x3 doesn’t seem like a lot of dirt but it is) as the bags are overstuffed with lots of dirt in each one of them. Great value!"

A. Ritch, Vancouver

"Ordering and receiving the soil from "My Garden Bag" could not have been easier. The website gave me all the information I needed and the soil was delivered the next day. Having the soil in bags means that I can work with it as I need it. I unexpectedly got busy right after the soil was delivered and was so relieved that I didn't have a pile of loose soil sitting on the boulevard. I can hardly wait to see how the garden grows this year!"

L.Anderson, Richmond

"I am really excited about the soil you delivered to our home in Richmond, especially now that I have started the shoveling process. Because the bag can be retied and closed again, I can work at my own pace. The soil stays dry even in the heaviest rains - no turning to mud on the driveway. The big yellow bag certainly draws attention from everyone who passes by. I also appreciated the speed with which the bag was delivered. It was quick and efficient and very slick. Thanks!"

A.Baddorf, T.Sedgwick - The World in A Garden

"We are so happy to have connected with MyGardenBag.com! We received a donation of the Botanical Blend soil for an event we held at our community garden in Vancouver and have heard nothing but positive comments about the soil from participants, neighbors and passer-bys. We purchased more soil from MyGardenBag.com and the entire process has been easy and convenient. As a local project, we are glad to support a community-oriented business!"

H.Foxcroft, Vancouver

"As far as the delivery, it was super easy. I just went out to my alley marked the spot for delivery with some sticks and voila a bag appeared. The bag that the compost soil was delivered in is great! I love that you can close it up to keep out the rain. And it works! It rained a lot the week after the soil was delivered but the rain stayed out of the bag. I especially liked the volume calculator that you had on the left hand side that helped to calculate the volume of soil that I needed to make a raised bed. Great product all around and I can't wait to watch my veggies grow (and then eat them!)"

Elgin Community Garden, Elgin & E37th

"My Garden Bag was just what our community garden needed. We felt secure receiving compost that had been tested and Gordon was knowlegable in helping us select what soil would be best for our garden. The compost was delivered on time and the bags were dropped off just where we wanted them. It's so convenient having the bags of soil inside the garden instead of a big pile of soil out by the road. Having the soil in bags has been great, everyone can access the soil as they please and then just close the bag back up. This way we have avoided the soil from getting too moist from the rain and loosing some of its nutrients. The soil itself seems to be great quality, we can't wait to see how the vegetables grow!"

N.Boekhout, Belcarra

"The soil is really great quality, and our new little garden looks great even though we still have to go plant shopping! Thanks"

A.Andresen, North Vancouver

”We were very happy with the products (Soil and Pea Gravel) that My Garden Bag delivered to North Vancouver. The large bags provided a great point of conversation amongst the neighborhood and the rain and my sore muscles means that the yellow bags are still out there incenting others to tackle their yards! Thank you!"
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