1/2 Yard Bags

All material are now available in smaller half yard bags. Order the right amount so you don't have to deal with left over Mulch.
  • 1/2 yard bag of  Playground chips Playchips, Playground woodchips - MyGardenBag

    1/2 yard Playground woodchips

    Playground woodchips also known as Playground surfacing. Woodchips can be an extremely effective playground surfacing material, or impact-attenuation surface. When used as a Playground surfacing (soft fall, cushion fall or playground...
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  • 1/2 yard bag of Bark Mulch Bark Mulch compost, 3/8" minus mulch - MyGardenBag

    1/2 yard Bark Mulch

    Traditional Douglas Fir reddish coloured Bark Mulch used for topdressing landscape planter beds or in and around shrubs. Really nice well composted small mulch, easy to spread and not chunky (1" minus in size). Weed suppression and water...
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