How it Works

3 Simple Steps    "Order, Mark, Receive"

Need Soil, Bark mulch, Topsoil or small Aggregates?

Our unique delivery service for Vancouver brings premium garden supplies to your home or business in big white that hold just over a cubic yard. Our custom blended products come from the best soil suppliers and are verified by quarterly laboratory tests.

Recyclable MyGardenBag resealable lid

You can rest assured that you're getting superior quality garden products in the exact quantities you ordered.

- Our Bags measure 3'x3'x3'

- One bag = 1 heaping cubic yard 

- Always receive the amount you ordered.

- If it's raining simply close the bag and work when you want to!

So forget the traditional hassle and mess and order your bags today.

1. How to Order

MyGardenBag delivery zone

It's so easy...

- Choose your bulk garden products (Soil, Mulch or Aggregates)

- Add the number of bags to your cart and check out. Get 5% discount for additional bag purchased of any 1 yard product, your cart updated automatically.

- If you need help determining the quantity you need, use the handy volume calculator on the left.

Free Delivery - Anywhere inside the Blue Zone qualifies for free delivery! No extra charges or confusing zones, one price and thats it! (White Rock, Surrey, Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Port Moody, Coquitlam, North Shore etc..)

Delivery Questions? - Be sure to check our Faq page. Your questions may have already been answered.

2. How to Mark

Watch our videos and read the Faq on how/where to mark the delivery spot that is accessible to our delivery forklift (9 feet wide).
  • Mark the spot "X" where you want to receive your bags.

The best locations to mark the spot are Driveways, Alleys or Boulevards. Boulevard deliveries need to have your vehicle(s) moved and the area temporarily blocked off to allow a minimum of 15 feet of access. If you have a steep driveway please read our FAQ section.

Just mark the spot using anything you can think of.

  • Use two garden tools or sticks in the shape of the letter “X”, a flag, tape, chalk or a note to mark your preferred delivery location.

 Ready for soil deliveryThe Forklift is very maneuverable but it's 9 feet wide so we won't be able to go through small garden gates, but we can probably get closer to your garden project than you think. During the checkout process there is a form where you can add “notes" or instructions telling us exactly where you want us to place your bag(s). The more infomation the better!

3. How to Receive

Get ready for delivery day! Actually, you don't need to do much. You don't even have to be at home if you've clearly marked the spot. All deliveries (Mon-Fri) are made in 5-8 business days from the time of your order. Expect a few days delay during busy season. Generally deliveries are super quick but at most 7 business days from time of ordering. Yippeee! that was easy!MyGardenBag delivery truck