EVERGRO Tree, Shrub and Hedge Food Fertilizer 2 kg.

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Evergro Tree, Shrub and Hedge Food 2kg.

18 - 4 - 8

Formulated especially for evergreens, high in nitrogen to promote rich, green foliage.

Formulating and producing high quality fertilizers is both an art and a very exacting science. In simple terms, most fertilizers are comprised of three primary elements - nitrogen, phosphorus and potash - which are referred to in the name of the product.... such as the familiar All Purpose '6-8-6' (6% nitrogen, 8% phosphorus, 6% potash).

Nitrogen is responsible for the energy-making process or chlorophyll cycle - i.e., the "green" in the plant. Phosphorus is the nutrient that promotes a strong root system and is necessary to set fruit and buds for blossoms. Potash is required for disease resistance and winter hardiness.


- This nitrogen-rich fertilizer is exclusively designed for optimum feeding and growth of your deciduous and evergreen plantings.

- The added magnesium and iron promote strong, healthy growth.

- Proper feeding will help increase stress tolerance and maintain stability in adverse conditions.


- The 75% of nitrogen that is derived from slow release polymer coated urea will provide even feeding and growth for 8-10 weeks.

- Use at least 3 times per season, from spring through summer, making the last application no later than late July to help plants withstand the stress of winter.

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