EVERGRO Bone Meal Fertilizer 2 kg.

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Evergro Bone Meal 2kg.

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For transplanting and nurturing bulbs. A granular, organic source of minerals for shrubs, bulbs and gardens.


  • An organic nutrient source for use on roses, trees, evergreens, shrubs and bulbs as well as for composts.
  • An all-organic content to promote healthy growth and strong root development.
  • High phosphorus and calcium content - ideal for transplanting.
  • A granular formulation for easy dust-free applications.

  • Use Evergro Bone Meal at least twice a year around the base of roses, perennials, shrubs.
  • Recommended for use in the fall when planting bulbs.
  • Always use when transplanting - mixed with an equal amount of fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, for faster root growth.
  • Mix in with well-rotted compost material.
  • Use as part of a complete Evergro fertilizer program.
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