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Order a dirt pickup! Use Your empty MyGardenBag or you can buy an empty Bag from our store and fill it with waste. Place, Fill and Order!

Beetle Regulated Areas

As part of the coordinated response to the detection of Japanese beetle, the CFIA has established a regulated area for Japanese beetle in Vancouver, and an area in Burnaby. The regulated area has been expanded because of where beetles were caught in 2021.
A CFIA permission is required to move soil from the regulated areas.

For more information regarding the beetle regulations please Click here

Three easy steps to clean up the yard, Place the bag, Fill it up, Order a collection

1. Place - put the bag on the Boulevard, Driveway or in the Alley

2. Fill - load the bag with yard waste.

3. Order - order your pickup service online or call MyGardenBag at 604 908 4219 .

What can I put in the bag? 

- Any grass, leaves, weeds, clay and soil, rocks, old turf. Yes, we also do concrete removal but dirt and concrete cannot go together in one bag. Separate order must be placed for concrete. *The bag must have the duffel top closed and drawstring tied.

What can't I put in the bag?

- We do not accept branches,any type of wood, chemicals, NO ASPHALT, paint, asbestos, drywall, tires, batteries, furniture or mattresses.


Where do I put the bag?

- The bag must be accessible for collection, either the same spot we dropped off your soil or in the Alley where your regular trash is collected, Boulevards or Driveways are fine. We cannot lift the bag over fences or gates or go down small pathways.

When will you come pick it up?

- A maximum of four business days from time of order. We're pretty quick though so don't be surprised if we show up the next day!

I don't have a bag where do I get one?

Come to any of the following stores and buy an empty bag for $20 then order a pickup anytime you're ready.

- Groundworks Construction Supply at 2806 Grandview highway (corner Kaslo Street).

- Groundworks Construction Supply at 12745 116 Avenue, Surrey.

I have a competitors empty bag can i fill it and will you pick it up?

- Sure as long as its the same size 3x3x3 (one cubic yard).


  • 5
    Dirt removal

    Posted by Richard Fulton on 13th Jun 2023

    I was glad that MyGardenBag provided this service to remove 2 cu yd of dirt/sod/small stones after my backyard soil excavation (4 inches) for 200 sq ft of artificial grass DIY installation.

  • 5
    Pick up full garden bag

    Posted by L H on 17th May 2023

    Excellent, careful service

  • 5
    great service

    Posted by steve morgan on 2nd Oct 2022

    great service

  • 5
    Excellent service

    Posted by Fred on 5th Sep 2022

    The team that showed up was extremely professional and cleared out everything including shovling up all the spilled dirt. I was impresses

  • 5
    Dirt removal

    Posted by Wayne on 24th Aug 2022

    The agent was great, got my order done asap and the person who removed my dirt bag at my front yard was professional! Good Job!

  • 5
    Great service

    Posted by Hickman masonry on 15th Oct 2021

    We use the dirt removal quite often and always a great service.

  • 5
    dirt removal

    Posted by Lisa binkley on 9th Aug 2021

    They were incredibly helpful and patient with our front gate issues. Thanks for their professionalism and kindness.

  • 5
    Dirt Removal

    Posted by KYLE on 19th Jun 2021

    This was THE BEST decision I ever made. Not having to rent a trailer, fill it, sit in a dump lineup, empty a trailer, clean and return it. One simple online transaction and the dirt magically disappears. Feels like I won the lottery. THANK YOU!

  • 5
    Great service

    Posted by Hickman masonry on 16th Jun 2021

    Always a pleasure to do business with these guys! always show up within a couple of days to remove our leftover brick/concrete material with no problems.