1/4 yard bag Peat Moss

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Peat Moss is highly esteemed by both professional horticulturists and seasoned retail customers as an ideal soil enhancer. Derived from partially decomposed Sphagnum species, its distinctive cellular makeup comprises sizable voids that act akin to a sponge, adeptly absorbing air and water (with the capacity to retain a significant multiple of its weight in water).

Given the paramount importance of maintaining the correct blend of air and moisture for fostering robust root systems and plant vitality, organic sphagnum peat moss stands out as the premier choice for growing mediums. Within the Western Region Growers community, Manitoba Sphagnum Peat Moss garners widespread acclaim for its fibrous texture, light hue, excellent porosity, water retention capabilities, low pH, and favorable bulk density, establishing it as the preferred medium for cultivation.

Various grades tailored for different applications, including Professional Growers, Mushroom, and Forestry/Seedling, are meticulously produced to cater to diverse needs.

 One "MyGardenBag" always equals 1/4 cubic yard


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