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This highly nutrient rich compost can be used on its own as a mulch topping to add that desirable top dressed appearance to planting beds, or ideally as a boost to increase the organics of poorer quality depleted native soils.

Finally a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers. Our soil amender is like a caffeine boost for your soil! If you're looking for the best soil amender then this is it! MyGardenBag is the only residential distributor in the Lower Mainland, this isn't your typical soil amender.

Soil amender is a super nutrient rich mulch alternative, top dressing or soil amender. Safe, effective and environmentally friendly, it’s ideal for use in landscaping, vegetable gardens and potting soil. A great way to Boost your nutrient deficient soil.

 Benefits -

Boosts soil nutrients | Improve soil texture | Improve planter bed appearance and colour | Alternative to mulch | Sustainable natural alternative to chemical fertilizers | 100% recycled organics

Where to use -

  • Around existing established shrubs, planter beds. Top dressing for that manicured look.
  • Work into existing soil to boost nutrient levels or leave on top and the nutrients will slowly wash down into the root system.

Where not to use -

  • Not recommended as 100% soil for new seedlings/starter plants as the nitrogen content is to high. If soil amender is mixed 50/50 with your existing soil then it's fine to plant new seedlings.

How to use  -

The secret of soil conditioning is getting the right nutrients right to where your plants need them – at the roots. Soil amender can be used to top dress lawns, mulch flower beds or be mixed right into the soil for excellent results. And using it is easy...

  • flower beds and veggie gardens: Mix one inch of amender with the top four inches of soil.
  • established flower/shrub beds: Top dress with 1.5" of amender.
  • roses, tubers and bulbs: Use one part amender to four parts soil.
  • trees and shrubs: Placing amender over the existing soil surface will help maintain moisture and improve native soil conditions, minimize weed competition and provide a well-groomed dark uniform appearance. Top dress with 1.5" - 2" of amender.
  • new lawns: Cover the ground with one or two inches and work into existing soil a few inches. Follow normal planting and sodding procedures. Do not use as primary soil, you must mix it in.
  • established lawns: Mow your lawn shorter than normal, spread 1/4 - 1/2 inch of amender and rake it in or use a broom and get it down to the base. While raking in remove any small bits of wood and anything that doesnt drop down. Water well! Leave the lawn for several mowing cycles as required, you don’t want to suck up all that great new soil with the grass clippings. Mulching your lawn clippings is acceptable and let it all fall back on the surface. Apply in fall or early spring. Water well
  • container/planter mixes: Amend potting mix to 20 per cent amender, or top dress existing planters with a 1/4" - 1 " as required
 One "MyGardenBag" always equals one cubic yard (3' x 3' x 3'= 1 cubic yard)

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  • 4
    Very prompt and tidy delivery

    Posted by Anne Thompson on 24th Sep 2023

    Can I recycle the bag with you

  • 5
    Soil amender

    Posted by Shelley Koke on 29th Jun 2023

    What’s in this stuff? It’s freaking amazing! Is there any human feces in there?

  • 4
    Soil amender

    Posted by Inso on 10th May 2023

    Great product. very pricey though

  • 5
    Good quality

    Posted by Rein Bernat on 5th May 2023

    Excellent customer care

  • 5
    Thanks for delivering this soil amender so quickly. It is exactly what we wanted to add to our existing garden beds.

    Posted by Louise Bradford on 3rd May 2023

    I was impressed that Garden Bag came through with my order promptly and am happy with the soi9l amender that they provided. What a great way to get soil!

  • 5
    Soil Amender

    Posted by Tina Thorndycraft on 27th Apr 2023

    Soil amender does wonders improving the soil in my garden. I highly recommend it and very good service with my order. Driver did wonders maneuvering the big flat bed truck in my narrow driveway and tucked the bags in a little corner with ease. Thank you for another seamless delivery!

  • 5
    Soil Amender

    Posted by Lee on 26th Apr 2023

    the perfect addition to my flower beds every year.

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    Soil amender

    Posted by Maggie’ on 13th Aug 2022

    Great service, great product that i have order many times before. I first spotted this idea in the UK Many years ago and was delighted when it came to Canada.

  • 5
    Soli amender

    Posted by Dawn on 21st Jul 2022

    Great quality ,delivered on time