Big Bulk Bags

Questions to ask before you order from your usual supplier:

  • What’s in the soil? - All products from are made from composted organic materials, We DO NOT use any fillers, colourants, or excavated content in our naturally sustainable soils. We don't "cook" the life out of our soils, they're aged naturally with internal composting temperatures.
  • Is it safe? - Yes, please refer to the soil samples for each of our products. See for test results.
  • Where is it from? - All the soil material is organic in nature and derived from composted plant material
  • Will it all come from the same source? - Yes all our soils are blended at one site.
  • What can it be used for? - Anywhere you need soil or mulch
  • Does it meet British Columbia Landscape Standards? - You bet!
  • Is an independent test analysis certificate available? – We wouldn’t have it any other way…. all of the soils are accompanied with up-to-date professional and comprehensive soil analysis reports done right here in the lower mainland. View the soil analysis for each product under its product description at
  • Can I get hold of the same soil year round? (same blend, same quality) – Anytime of year you can order online from the convenience of your home and have it delivered in a giant bulk bag to use at your leisure. All our blends are available are consistent to +/- 2%.
  • How is it delivered? In bags or loose? – All our products are delivered in giant bulk bags for your convenience. Rain or shine just close the top and leave it, no mess and  nothing to clean up or sweep after.